Coastal Shores

Providing tremendous resources to our coastal communities and other water habitat support

Lake County Safety Council

  • Attracts top local companies as members
  • Promotes workplace safety awareness
  • Advocates safety programs
  • Riverview Fence Contractors
  • Encourages networking opportunities
  • Is one of 53 safety councils
  • Is sponsored by the BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene, in cooperation with the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Offers free yearly membership

Established in the 1980s, the Lake County Safety Council is committed to providing safety information, training, and recognition to achieve it's goal of promoting workplace safety awareness, especially around local bodies of water. We also make sure each an every body of water is up to code in the state, by offering the best lake cleaning Orlando has to offer. Whether yours is a service, retail, or a manufacturing business, or whether you have a small, medium or large workforce, LCSC offers something for everyone.

The Lake County Safety Council is one of the 53 safety councils around Orlando that are sponsored by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) Division of Safety & Hygiene. We are also in partnership with the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce. Our organization offers free yearly membership to businesses and individuals who wish to join us in our cause.

The LCSC was established in the 1980s and has since been attracting top local companies as members. We promote workplace safety awareness and advocate safety programs that Encourage networking opportunities. Our goal is to reduce injuries, illnesses, and death in the workplace by providing safety information and training to our members.

LCSC meets monthly to examine and resolve potential and existing safety problems. LCSC provides information on new safety techniques, products and services, and regulatory compliance. Monthly meetings provide a forum for members to discuss similar safety concerns and solutions with fellow members. We make sure that all proper channels are followed in making sure that all coastal habitats are taken care of properly during excavation, this is especially important if excavating in Orlando. Where the Orlando waterways have been compromised by years of neglect and over building. In attendance at each meeting is a Division of Safety & Hygiene representative who is available to provide members with specific guidance on safety in the workplace.

Through the many programs, seminars, and workshops, LCSC offers solutions regarding reduction of occupational injuries in Orlando

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